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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

So What If He's A Yankees Fan?

I'm sure you have your distasteful aspects, too. But did your apartment building burn down last night? Well, Larry Mahnken's did. Larry runs the Replacement Level Yankees Weblog. If you can spare a little bit for a fellow baseball fan in need, you can make a donation on his site via PayPal (I found out about Larry's misfortune via Baseball Musings).

One of the things that Larry does for little, if any, reward or recognition is to provide his fellow fans, gratis, this DIPS worksheet (the DIPS system was originally created by Vörös McCracken, who now works for the Red Sox) as a means of evaluating a pitcher on the basis of factors that the pitcher actually controls (BB's, K's, HR's) rather than trying to determine the pitcher's value solely by the traditional measure of ERA which fails to screen out the white noise created by the performance of the fielders surrounding him.

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