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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Richard Hidalgo

What do we know about Richard Hidalgo? And what can it tell us about how he'll do as a Texas Ranger?

Well, his career has been consistently inconsistent in almost every respect. The big exception is his GB/FB ratio, which has never been greater than .79 since he became a regular in 1999. For his career Hidalgo has a ratio of .73. I don't know the exact groundball/flyball breakdowns for The Ball Park at Arlington, but I do know that it is a hitters' park conducive to doubles and homeruns. Given Hidalgo's propensity for hitting flyballs and the lineup he'll be hitting in, I feel pretty safe in saying that I think he'll do well as a Ranger. And that by the end of the '05 season, there's a good chance that he'll be seen as the bargain of the winter. If he stays healthy.

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