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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Did Byron Deserve This?

No, he did not. What is this? Well, I ain't gonna look for a link to it. Because it's crap. Ranks right down there with Terry Brooks' The Sword of Sha-na-na or whatever the hell that book was called.

What am I talking about? A book left behind when a room mate moved out in October. I was searching around for something to read today and there it was sitting looking at me. The Lord Of The Dead, it's called, by a guy named Tom Holland (a Byron scholar according to the jacket). The premise is that Lord Byron somehow became a vampire while traveling in Greece and still lives, brooding in his darkened London digs, becoming infatuated with a female descendant (or she with him).

Okay, as a premise, it could be maybe almost bearable if the prose would move along the colour spectrum even as far as purple. But it doesn't. It justs sits there grey and stiffening, like lumps of cold porridge.

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