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Saturday, January 22, 2005

If You Ain't Got It, Get It

Get what? Couple of things. One is StumbleUpon, because it finds places like these: The Elegant Universe; the dullest blog in the world ("I was standing quite near to a wall. I turned my attention towards it for a few moments. Having done this for several seconds I turned away from it and carried on doing something else").

Another is the Firefox browser. I've been using Firefox since it was known as Firebird, and it's only gotten better. See the screenshot in the preceding entry for what it can look like. It don't need to look like that, just my preference. A lot of power and speed. Available for just about any platform. And it's free.

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MackJohnny said...

J-money, what're those tool bars under the bookmarks toolbar? Is that a google bar like you can get for IE?

I've been using Firefox for quite some time now too, so much so that I only use IE to check compatibility before I upload new pages to the website. But about two months ago one of the worst things happened. Out of nowhere all my bookmarks disappeared. I mean, totally. I was sitting at the computer and when I switched back from some other program to Firefox, everything was gone. I had been using it exclusively for about a year and a half at that point. That meant a year and a half of bookmarks gone.

I hear this was a major problem with Firebird (such a bad name), but it was supposed to be fixed with Firefox. If it does it to me again, I may just switch back.

Nice blog, yo.

George | Email | Homepage ( )| 01.22.05 - 3:42 pm | #

Hey George, how'd ya find find me? You ninjas have stange powers.

Yep, that's a google toolbar. It's a Firefox extension:

Below the googlebar is the StumbleUpon toolbar. There's also a cool, little web developer toolbar which I didn't have active when I took the screenshot.

The bookmark problem: the same thing happened to me last year when I upgraded from 0.8 to 0.9. Luckily about a week before, while really bored one day, I'd posted every bookmark I had to my livejournal.

I'm not sure if that problem is completely fixed or, not, but there is a simple way around it; back up your bookmarks. On your menu bar, click Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks which will open your Bookmarks Manager; then click File/Export... which will open a dialogue window. Choose to save the file on your desktop as a HTML file. Takes about a second to do.
MackJohnny | Email | Homepage | 01.22.05 - 4:22 pm | #

note: replaced comments after uninstalling haloscan