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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


The dolphin is a fancy fish,
but it has no use or porpoise.
Every one I've ever known
just lived from fin to orifice.

A slightly different version than I posted in this Unaboard thread.

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MackJohnny said...

I love that. And it aptly ends with an orifice. Perfect. I wonder how many poets have at least one orifice in their body of work? I have one. Trouble is that I giggle when I say it - it's such a cool word - so I spoil the reading of the poem every time.
Brenda | 01.19.05 - 8:51 pm | #

Yeah, orifice is a great word. Besides porpoise, it can be forced to almost rhyme with words like horseface, Morpheus, endorses and corpses.

Of course, I posted the nonsense verse too quickly. After a little more revision it would read like this:

The dolphin is a fancy fish,
but sadly devoid of porpoise;
Every one I've ever seine
just lived from fin to orifice.
MackJohnny | Email | Homepage | 01.19.05 - 11:06 pm | #

A fishy dolphin is still a mammal
with breasts and a connection to La Luna
If only Florida let them vote
No fear of Bush and Dolphin unsafe Tuna

Hey John,
Some neat stuff here thanks for the link. My nonsense poem is based a little on goverment nonsense
dylan | Email | 01.21.05 - 9:33 pm | #

John, one day you, or we, should hold a Real-time Nonsenseathon. What do you think?

I sure hope your weather isn't as bad as they make it out to be on the news. Happy shoveling!
Brenda | Homepage | 01.23.05 - 7:44 pm | #

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