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Monday, January 17, 2005

The New and Improved Baseball Cube

It's -5°C and snowing, with the wind at 57km/h out of the NE. Nothing is moving on the roads around here. All kinds of time on my hands. A perfect time, I thought, to revisit The Baseball Cube of Montrealer Gary Cohen, a site I hadn't visited for quite a while because it had become slow and clunky to the point of frustration, which was too bad, because the data available is nearly the equal in breadth and depth of anything on the web.

I say was too bad. Things have changed;
there has been some hard work done on The Baseball Cube lately and, while it's still not particularly beautiful to look at, its functionality has improved. Although the individual player pages can still be somewhat slow to load, the searchable, sortable Stats Machine with batting and pitching stats for every year back to 1903 is a very versatile tool. (For instance, it can be used to look at the past 3 years combined stats for the Blue Jays winter trading mistake.)

You will also find minor league stats, college stats, high school stats, and a comprehensive and searchable history of the MLB draft, as well as information on managers and stadiums.

Whether you're purely a baseball fan, or you have some interest in doing a bit of baseball research of the sabermetric variety, or you are a fantasy baseball player looking for an edge, the Baseball Cube is a useful and enlightening site.

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MackJohnny said...

Thanks MJ--

This is the best pre-pitch/catch mid-Jan present a seamhead could possibly hope for.
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