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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Picturebook Without Pictures (Hans Christian Andersen)

Just bouncing around this morning and I came across this online edition of Picturebook Without Pictures
It is strange that whenever I am conscious of the warmest and best feelings, my hand and tongue seem to be tied, so that I can express nothing, nor utter any of the thoughts that are within me. And yet I am a painter. My eye tells me that, and all those who have seen my sketches and pictures have agreed.

I am a poor fellow; I live in one of the narrowest of streets, but there is plenty of light, for I live high up, with a view over all the rooftops. The first few days after I arrived in town I felt depressed and lonely. In place of the forest and the green hills, I now had only the dark, gray chimneys to look at. I did not have a single friend here, and not one familiar face greeted me...
A fine read. The page, which I found through this site, also has links to other Andersen works.

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