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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Let There Be Light

Every now and then, a pleasant surprize pops up south of the border. Today it's a tongue-in-cheek Scientific American (I guess it's only an oxymoron in lowercase) editorial that I was led to by The Gazetteer (excerpt) and Blondesense (full text):
Good journalism values balance above all else. We owe it to our readers to present everybody's ideas equally and not to ignore or discredit theories simply because they lack scientifically credible arguments or facts. Nor should we succumb to the easy mistake of thinking that scientists understand their fields better than, say, U.S. senators or best-selling novelists do. Indeed, if politicians or special-interest groups say things that seem untrue or misleading, our duty as journalists is to quote them without comment or contradiction. To do otherwise would be elitist and therefore wrong. In that spirit, we will end the practice of expressing our own views in this space: an editorial page is no place for opinions.
Them there folks at that there magazine better be careful 'cause the spirit of god might stop moving upon the face of the waters long enough to drag their faces across concrete. Might say, "Let there be a small light, a bare bulb, in their cells."


Gazetteer said...

One has to wonder if they got up the gumption due, at least in part, to the fact that the publisher is not American?

MackJohnny said...

Good question that makes a good point.