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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just A Swingin'

It's nearly mid-March and spring training is well under way. It's the time of year when there are season previews everywhere you look. They can be stale fare. Good to run across a fresh approach, such as this Batter's Box look at the Los Angeles Dodgers (written by Leigh Sprague):

I am powerless against the allure of EA Sports' MVP Baseball 2005. The controller sits there on the floor, "pick me up", "play me", she will say. She is a formidable temptress, and I am well beyond the point of feigning self-control.

As is the case with most addicts, I have begun to look for ways that I can incorporate the object of my addiction into seemingly unrelated tasks that I must complete. Attempts at playing the game in order to prepare myself for a big meeting (I will be more confident if I can no-hit the Yankees) or to compile my grocery list (if Halladay throws a no-hitter, I will buy Cheerios... if Manitoban Koskie hits a home run, Shredded Wheat it is) have proven to be colossal failures.

But this task, writing the Dodgers season preview, this is my chance. I will play a game, with the Dodgers, against division rival San Diego. Brian Lawrence will start for the Padres, and I will roll a die to determine the Dodgers' starter: one represents Odalis Perez, two is Brad Penny, three is Derek Lowe, four is Jeff Weaver, five is Kaz Ishii and six is Wilson Alvarez. And... three it is, so Derek Lowe will be starting on the mound for the Dodgers....
And off he goes, melding his look at how the Dodgers are set up for this season with a recap of the video ballgame he played.

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