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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Gravity's Rainbow

Still looking for Mandelshtam. In the meantime, I offer you Book-a-Minute Classics' version of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. Trust me, there are at least the following three reasons to prefer this version to the original:
  1. It's better written.
  2. It's better written.
  3. It's better written.


Anonymous said...

If Gravity's Rainbow's anywhere near as unreadable as Mason & Dixon, then I think we're in debt to the good folks at Book-a-Minute. M&D was one of the only novels that managed to defeat the protestant work ethic that drives me neurotically to finish what I start. I seem to remember The Crying of Lot 49 being better, but that was almost ten years ago. Looking at its spine on my shelf now, I can see that it has at least this much going for it: it's shorter.

Humble Servant said...


"At Gravity's Feet" makes a hell of a lot more sense than Grabity's Rainbow.

And I like saying Mandelshtam too.

MackJohnny said...

Humble Servant: was "Grabity's Rainbow" was a typo? If so, it's a hell of a serendipitous improvement on the original title.


Z: if you could just focus that protestant work ethic on the pool table, I'd think twice about playing you.

Humble Servant said...

In a transcendent universe there are no typos.


Anonymous said...

Ha! It's not my ethic so much as my eye that's at fault on the felt, John.