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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dark Passage

Today, StumbleUpon brings you Dark Passage:

A New York-based organization
providing blind archaeologists
with the finest quality flashlights.

Photo essays of derelict architecture, anyone?


GM said...

I found some great links by surfing away from Dark Passages... Including a spooky Lovecraft-like story about a caver who encounters some mysterious sounds, etc. The great thing about this was it was so spooky it lead me to research the story to debunk it and I came across this great caver site that was debating the story's provenance and copyright issues. It looks like someone ripped off the original story and tried to sell it to a movie producer and then claim the actual caver (who admits it was an embellishment) was a plagiarizer. It's quite the soap opera.

Point is, I forgot how entertaining surfing can be when you don't spend all your time on direct searching for book links.

Thanks, J.

MackJohnny said...

Yeah, I'm getting addicted to clicking my stumbleupon button.