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Monday, February 28, 2005

9:46 pm, September 9, 1965

Baseball Musings alerted me to this Futility Infielder post about, and link to, an MP3 of Vin Scully calling the ninth inning of Sandy Koufax's 1965 perfect game. That call is older than me. I just sat here the edge of my seat a few moments ago, listening and chewing at my lip while the inning played out — who says time travel is impossible?

Here's the strike one pitch to Krug. Fastball! Swung on and missed. Strike two. And you can almost taste the pressure now. Koufax lifted his cap, ran his fingers through his black hair, then pulled the cap back down, fussing at the bill. Krug must feel it too as he backs out, heaves a sigh. Took off his helmet, put it back on and steps back up to the plate.


Gazetteer said...

Thanks for digging this up MJ--

It is great.

And I love the title of the site...sums up my own all field, no hit (non-)career quite succinctly.

I actually know something about the nuts and bolts of eye development and real base-by-base manipulation of DNA but I don't want to get into the heavy stuff on the up-page thread except to say that all would be gene-jocks should be forced to read Dawkins before they are allowed to go crazy with commercial site-directed mutagenesis kits based on the prior art of Michael Smith.

MackJohnny said...

You're welcome.

Yeah, Dawkins' rockin!. Feel free to point out any mistakes I might've made in my reading of him in the above thread. I like hearing from people who know what they're talking about.

Who's Michael Smith? Can you point me to some stuff?

Gazetteer said...

Michael Smith, homegrown Canadian Nobel prize winner in Molecular Biology....developed a method to make specific point mutations in genes...

MackJohnny said...

Thanks, Ross. I googled him, and now I got to ask ...

Who the hell would want a commercial site-directed mutagenesis kit, and could they actually get one?

Air Time said...

I just came across your site looking for Vin Scully's call. Thanks for putting it up.