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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chicago White Sox, Your 2005 World Series Champions

Dave Studeman takes a quick look at the White Sox and their season. I might have been able to get more excited about this postseason and this team if Frank Thomas, Hall of Famer in waiting (both articles are from 2003, but the Big Hurt ain't hurt his chances since then) had been healthy and able to play, and if I hadn't had to listen and read all season about how the White Sox were an old-style, small ball, throwback sort of team. The 2005 White Sox weren't that sort of team, at all.

The 2005 White Sox were a long ball team in a hitter-friendly park. They hit 200 home runs during the regular season, good for fourth in total home runs in the American League and fifth overall in the majors. That power didn't disppear in October, either. If anything, it increased. I don't know what percentage of their runs the Sox scored via the home run in the regular season, but while I was having my first coffee of the day I got interested in what that percentage was for the post-season. So I checked the box scores and put together the numbers.

Vs Red Sox
Total runs: 24
Total runs via HR: 15
Percentage via HR: 63

Vs Angels
Total runs: 23
Total runs via HR: 8
Percentage via HR: 35

Vs Astros
Total runs: 20
Total runs via HR: 9
Percentage via HR: 45

White Sox postseason
Total runs: 67
Total runs via HR: 32
Percentage via HR: 48

The White Sox outscored their postseason opponents by 67-34. That's right, during the postseason, the White Sox scored 2 less runs via the home run than their opponents scored in total in any manner. I don't want to hear another word about the Sox being a small ball team.

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