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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Literary Dinner (Vladimir Nabokov)

A Literary Dinner audiofile (1:55).

A Literary Dinner appeared in the New Yorker on April 11, 1942.

A Literary Dinner

Come here, said my hostess, her face making room
for one of those pink introductory smiles
that link, like a valley of fruit trees in bloom,
the slopes of two names.
I want you, she murmured, to eat Dr. James.

I was hungry. The Doctor looked good. He had read
the great book of the week and had liked it, he said,
because it was powerful. So I was brought
a generous helping. His mauve-bosomed wife
kept showing me, very politely, I thought,
the tenderest bits with the point of her knife.
I ate--and in Egypt the sunsets were swell;
The Russians were doing remarkably well;
had I met a Prince Poprinsky, whom he had known
in Caparabella, or was it Mentone?
They had traveled extensively, he and his wife;
her hobby was People, his hobby was Life.
All was good and well cooked, but the tastiest part
was his nut-flavored, crisp cerebellum. The heart
resembled a shiny brown date,
and I stowed all the studs on the edge of my plate.


Humble Servant said...

Most amusing--with an overtone of dark. Eating brains=zombies?, one asks.

Also, don't know if you did this intentionally, but the link to Brenda's comment on the Milosz/Lawrence has migrated to this post, appropriately since it is all about what's for lunch.

MackJohnny said...

Hah, no I didn't. I think it's because Brenda just linked to the blog itself, not a specific post, so the link shows up on the latest post.

Speaking of zombies, you must have seen Shaun of the Dead by now. If you haven't, you should.

Humble Servant said...

Is that a movie? They generally don't let me watch movies.

"They" meaning my kids--I manage about 1-2 videos per month, almost always with them. Will be seeing the "Alex Rider" movie tomorrow, based on a very exciting kids' book series but almost certainly a dog per the reviews.