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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Tale of Custard the Dragon (Ogden Nash)

Custard the Dragon audio file.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon is a fun children's poem requested by humble servant a little while back. You can find the poem's text here.


Humble Servant said...

Well, now, that was most charming. I can hear the PEI in your voice better in the upper reigsters which you don't use as much when you do more serious readings. (I think too that the volume problems I've had are solved witht he last few audios.)

BTW, there is a sequal: Custard and the Wicked Knight. It is a typical sequal--better in some ways (Mustard yelped that he was not a maiden, only true knights can beat dragons), but wordier and less innocent.


Humble Servant said...

Another try at the link.

Humble Servant said...

Sequel! Sequel!

And angelfire is not a first choice for links.

Humble Servant said...

Do you want me to correct the typos too? I could do that.

MackJohnny said...

The upper registers, eh? Just wait until you hear me do the aspirated affirmative (it's an Island thing which consists of saying 'yep,' 'yup,' 'yip,' or even 'yee-uhh' with an indrawn breath.

I can and will do Custard and the Wicked Knight. Perhaps tonight. I still have the recording equipment for a few more days.

I don't know that you'll need to correct typos. Perhaps this link, or this link has a better proofed copy?

Humble Servant said...

I was just trying to poke fun at my own failures of linkage, spelling and typing, which in this case I thought were particularly spectacular :)--the typos I noticed in the link (missing end-line punctuation) were not so grand as to be likely to trip-up a reader.

Hmm--so we need a poem that says, "yep," huh? I'll see what I can come up with.

Zach said...

Elizabeth Bishop's "The Moose," Humble Servant--a poem which posits that the very affirmative of which you speak is not merely a PEI thing. Peter Sanger, in an essay on Bishop, maintains not only that it's a Nova Scotia thing, but that it's a dying Nova Scotia thing, spoken only by old folks. Which is a load of crap on both counts, as I'm neither a Nova Scotian nor old and I speak it all the time. Anyway, it's a great poem, and would be grand to hear it.

MackJohnny said...

The Moose! Love to do it. I can get to it tonight after work, or tomorrow.

A lot of things people say about poetry -- and language -- is a load of crap. I pin the sound to Islanders because they're the only ones I've heard make it.

But many people also maintain that only Islanders say 'slippy' for 'slippery,' although it's used in both Australia and Ireland.

Humble Servant said...

Good! I like Elizabeth Bishop's restraint--so much restraint it is almost like a restriction of meter or rhyme (which can be a good thing). Look forward to hearing the peculiarities.