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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Contention Intentions

I'm slow getting to this, but the Blue Jays finally got the power bat they were looking for when they traded Miguel Batista and Orlando Hudson to the Diamondbacks for Troy Glaus and prospect Sergio Santos. The accquisition of Glaus, and of Lyle Overbay earlier this month, plus the Burnett and Ryan free agency signings, should give the Jays a realistic shot at the 2006 AL East title.

Glaus strikes out a fair amount, but he gets on base regularly and hits with bigtime power. He's also entering his age 29 season, which means he is a player who should be right in the prime of his playing abilities.

I'm beat to a snot right now — long, migrainey day for me — but I'll check in tomorrow with a more indepth look at how I think the Jays now look in the East.

In the meantime, take a look at Glaus' graphs and stats over at Fangraphs, my new favourite place to research players.

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