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Friday, September 09, 2005

Relational Similiarities

And no, this post has nothing to do with the old Island joke that no one's related after dark. It's just me playing with analogous concepts of varying validity.
  • Front is to back as up is to down
  • Apple is to orange as car is to plane
  • Food is to nutrition as sex is to procreation
  • Red is to blue as bass is to tenor
  • Family is to self as water is to ice
  • Language is to mind as Lorca is to CĂ©line Dion
  • Movement sequencing is to throwing as syntax is to language
  • Throwing is to language as abacus is to personal computer
  • And last but not least: the shirt below is to plaid as jazz is to music

note: edited to correct link and link placement

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