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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Doc Was In

In the zone, that is. And the Doc is Roy Halladay of the Blue Jays, who opened their season late this afternoon in St. Petersburg, Florida against the Devil Rays. Here's Halladay's line for the game:

R. Halladay (W, 1-0) 7.0 9 2 2 0 7 0 2.57
The bad thing about that is the 9 hits. But hey, I think hometown scoring had something to do with that, as at least a couple of those ground ball hits could've been called errors. The good thing is the 0 under BB. The no-walk Doc; command is his strength when he's on — command, and that sinking fastball the D-Rays were driving into the ground today. I do think the infield will settle down and be more surehanded then they were today, which will play right to Halladay's strength. Could be a good year for him.

The hitters on the other hand ... well, yes, they hit three home runs (and the one by Vernon Wells was a monstrous shot), but they did not look patient at the plate. A lot of them went up hacking. Not a good sign. Dewon Brazelton, the D-Rays starter, did not look too impressive to me. He did not walk anyone either, but I thought a little patience on the Jays part would've driven him out of the game early. No one walked in this, not even when Jesus Colome came in relief of Brazelton and was a bit wild.

Ah well, not much about 162 game season can be inferred from one game. We'll see what happens.

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